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Our Mission

We meet on Fridays during the school year and provide an excellent program specially designed to fit the needs of the entire homeschool family: Nursery, Preschool, Kinder Music, Elementary Music, Upper-Level music classes, specialty classes, and ensembles (children's choir, high school choir, piano, strings, etc). Alongside these programs, we have a study hall room and a hospitality area for teachers, volunteers, and parents. The students prepare for and participate in two concerts each year. Other enrichments that we hope to offer in the future are: a scholarship fund, specialized support in college prep for music, and support and prep for music competitions. We also plan field trips to see professional shows and concerts. This fills a huge gap in the homeschool community, as we are only one of few homeschool academies that offer music education. There is not another Academy like this in our entire geographical area. There also is no centralized support system for homeschoolers, and this Academy is a stabilized support for families. It is unique in that it offers something for each age in the family, from childcare needs to college prep!

What We Offer

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Our Vision

Build Community through Education

Make our Academy Affordable for Everyone

Facilitate in College Prep for Children Interested in the Arts

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