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Classes Begin September 8th!

8/15/23, 1:00 PM

Classes begin September 8th, 2023. We have invited a retired Army band member to speak during our morning assembly at 9:00AM! Regular classes start at 9:30AM until 1:30PM.

We have a wonderful and inspiring day planned for our young members! The combination of an inspirational conversation with our guest speaker Ryan Staggs (retired member of the TRADOC Army Band) and music lessons taught by experienced musicians is sure to provide a valuable and enriching experience for your children.

Ryan's story can serve as a great example of how music can be a part of a fulfilling journey into adulthood. His experiences and insights can highlight the discipline, teamwork, and dedication required to excel in the field of music. This conversation could also provide a glimpse into the different opportunities that a musical career can offer, whether in the military or in civilian life.

Following our morning assembly with the inspirational conversation, we'll be moving into music lessons taught by experienced musicians, an excellent way to immediately put the energy and motivation from the assembly into action. The participants can start learning and practicing right away, putting their aspirations into practice under the guidance of skilled mentors.

Incorporating music lessons taught by our experienced musicians will allow our young members to receive hands-on instruction and personalized guidance, helping them develop their musical skills in a supportive environment. This experience can foster a sense of camaraderie among participants and create a positive and motivating atmosphere for learning and growth.

We'll encourage active participation to provide opportunities for collaboration among participants, and offer resources to continue their musical journeys beyond this session. By nurturing their passion for music and providing them with valuable insights and skills, we hope to begin setting them on a path towards successful and fulfilling musical endeavors in their future adulthood. We are excited to see the growth of our young people!

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