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Our Open House Event Was Great!

8/25/23, 1:30 PM

Our open house event was loads of fun! We had music, laughter, and best of all, cake! Thank you to all the parents, teachers, volunteers who made this event special!

We were ready. We were set, and we went! 

On August 25th, 2023 at 9:30AM, we had the special privilege of meeting some of our parents and children who will participate in a wonderful musical experience. All the bright young faces showed curiosity and eagerness to learn more. Things kicked off with a welcome message from, Julia Middleton. But as an added bonus, Julia treated the audience with a violin piece called "Orange Blossom Special." With the tone set, children and parents had the opportunity to meet our academy's teachers and other staff. The kiddos even got to sample instruments and socialize. Of course, the event capped off with a delicious cake!

It was great having guests share this tip-of-the-iceberg moment with us. September 8th, 2023 can't come soon enough! 

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